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    Pierangelo Sattin

    The product is very good, the user guide gave me clear explanations to how to use this plugin. I didn't have problems.
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    powerful product with great support

    Ashley Serotta

    This product is very powerful and excellent for Amazon integration. You get what you pay for in terms of robustness of features. Most importantly, as we stumbled some during the setup, the customer support team is fabulous and responsive. I recommend this product.
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    Pas mal

    Paul BARDEAU

    Après quelques soucis de fonctionnement sous magento CE, le support nous a rapidement envoyé un patch pour régler le problème.
    Le plugin fait bien le job et nos produit sont désormais regulièrement commentés sans que nous ayioons à nous en occuper.
    Il serait appréciable de pouvoir ne pas solliciter à nouveau un client qui fait des achats récurrents et a déjà déposé un avis sur un produit .
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    Keith Gurev

    Barcode Inventory easily allows us to scan in our incoming shipments and scan out when selling from other platforms. The UI is perfect for managing inventory.
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    very good

    Christopher Blair

    says what it does on the tin!
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    Works as described

    Matthieu Delacour

    Works as described
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    Great Extension !

    Bart Bockweg

    This is what every magento shop owner needs. This extension is what we needed.
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    very nice product!

    Alexander Matthes

    very nice product!
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    Fivefold increase in the conversion rate

    Nicolas FAYON - ORECA

    Integrating Antidot’s search engine into the Magento e-commerce platform was a breeze: we did it in-house in just a few days. And in less than two months after AFS@Store was up and running, we had already surpassed the goal we had set: with a fivefold increase in the conversion rate among visitors using the search engine, we’ve already increased our overall conversion rate by more than one third!
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    Très pratique


    Facile à installer et permet de voir les conflits entre modules. Les indications pour résoudre les conflits sont simples et efficaces.
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    pratique pour le B2B

    Nicolas Gaye

    Nous vendons des produits informatiques aux professionnels, et nous avions besoin d'une solution pour afficher les niveaux de stock et des indicateurs de couleur... ce que fait exactement cette extension installée en quelques clics !
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    Bruno Oghittu

    Nous utilisons cette extension pour mettre à jour nos prix de vente lorsque les prix de fournisseur change et pour les nouvelles gammes

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    Works like a charm

    Geric Javid

    Works like a charm
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    Running on Magento, we needed to find a way to fully automated our third party warehouse management operations. Thanks to this module we have been able to do so. Now all our operations run under one single system: Magento.
    No duplicate applications, no synchronizations needed. and on top of this thanks to this module we also managed to have the creation of the UPS shipping label automated (without UPS World-Ship).
    Great module for any serious e-commerce.
    Strongly reccomend this module and the people behind it!!
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    Works well with erp


    We use that extension with Embedded ERP and it works like a charm, highly recommended
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    Nous utilisons UPS pour expédier dans toute l'europe, ce module est simple et efficace : en sélectionnant en masse les expéditions que nous venons de créer, nous générons un seul pdf que nous imprimons : les opérateurs dans l'entrepot se basent ensuite sur ce document pour préparer les commandes et les expédier !

    Et surtout, plus besoin de UPS world ship !
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    Elastix Voip


    Hi, it will be great if you'll have the ability to integrate this CRM with Elastix Voip.

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    Excellent Tool

    Andrew Mowery

    Was able to integrate into our operations with ease. Was able to reduce time for processing RMAs by at least 50%.
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    Simple, Effective

    Andrew Mowery

    Works great. Simple functions, easy set up.
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    Transformed our warehouse overnight

    Andrew Mowery

    This product allowed us to be able to create warehouse barcodes quickly and easily. Room for improvement: The ability to create multiple label sizes and save those formats would be very useful.
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    fait son travail


    le logiciel synchronise mes stocks et prix, et les commandes sont bien redescendues... Quelques problèmes de compatibilité avec mon installation magento au début, mais le support a été efficace
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    Geric Javid

    J'utilise cette extension depuis 4 mois maintenant, et j'en suis ravi : une fois configurée, plus rien à faire... les stocks et prix se mettent à jour tout seul, idem pour les commandes !

    Le seul regret concerne le fait de ne pas pouvoir créer de produits par 'lextension, seul le matching EAN est implémenté, mais apparement, cdiscount va offrir cette fonctionnalité sous peu

    Je recommande donc !
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    Gives and takes a lot

    Thomas M

    The module is very huge and needs you to set it up carefully and test it a lot. If you are just starting with your shop/business you probably won’t need a lot of it, but if you have experience, you might love the module sometimes and hate it the other times, because of the many functionalities and options.
    We needed some time to set it up and to get to know the possible workflows, but now we think it was the right choice to decide for this solution.
    The support answered all of our questions in a reasonable time. Still, the usability of the support section and documentation could be improved a lot.
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    Bensoussan Moshe

    Rien à dire, le module ultime !!
  25. Voir tous les avis >


    Bensoussan Moshe

    Rien à dire, le module ultime !!
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    Easy to install, easy to customize

    Sven Wesley

    We are very happy with the result of our quotation setup. It was pretty straight forward to add the customization in the active template not touching the original install as the concept of overriding layers is supposed to work.
    A quote creates a new product, nothing to care about but it surprised us at first.
    The only drawback was that we had to do a little customization to handle different product attributes, but we are using the quotation module in such a special way so I believe it wouldn't be affecting many users at all.
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    Works fine, would like to see more features

    Paul Byrne

    The quality of the extension and code are quite good... we didn't have to correct any errors when implementing it and there were no violations of Magento development best practices that we saw. I would love for the reports to be more customizeable in terms of mapping cost and revenue to the reports themselves.
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    Many features, good support

    Ole Christian

    This extension covers a lot of logistical needs. In addition, the support is very good in explaining how to set the ERP up for you specific company.

    Money well spent.

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    Very good service

    Benjamin Folkmann Hansen

    Very good service
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    Excellent RMA product

    Byron Batres

    We had been using a different RMA product and we were reasonably satisfied with it. After a while we found some holes in the processing and made us look for a new product. Boost my shop has everything we were looking for. The biggest benefit is the ability to swap products in exchanges right from the RMA. The only thing missing is refunds directly from the module.

    Very happy with product would highly recommend.

    Things to make 5 star: Guest Returns (i was told eminent) and refund from module.

    Great support.
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    Chainon manquant :)

    Fabrice Fetsch

    Facilite la préparation des commandes, la gestion de stocks et ajoute qqs notions indispensables à l'utilisation de magento en environnement de production et de vente. Support réactif et bon produit... bref... si votre boutique prend du volume c'est un incontournable !
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    Azer Mahmood

    These guys know their stuff. Their extensions are not your normal run of the mill - but complicated bits of software - it is the main reason why we use magneto. They offer excellent & friendly support - keep up the good work!
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    Just what we needed

    Azer Mahmood

    These guys know their stuff. Their extensions are not your normal run of the mill - but complicated bits of software - it is the main reason why we use magneto. They offer excellent & friendly support - keep up the good work!
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    Great Support when needed

    Azer Mahmood

    These guys know their stuff. Their extensions are not your normal run of the mill - but complicated bits of software - it is the main reason why we use magneto. They offer excellent & friendly support - keep up the good work!
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    This is it !


    If you are looking for a CRM, this is it.

    Prior to this we tried the Helpdesk extension from another developer and we could never get it working. After that failure we went back to managing our customer service tickets using Outlook which was not scalable at all.

    I would say that one of the best features is that it groups all tickets from one customer. You are also able to import your historical emails (and the CRM extension will group those tickets the appropriate customers).

    We use a few other extensions from Boost My Shop -- these guys are the best. They will solve any issue that comes up and they really understand Magento. Their are a lot of agencies out there that claim to know Magento, I can say from experience that Olivier and his team at Boostmyshop really know their stuff, no bs.

    Ivan Rincon
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    smart extension

    Johan Strand

    the only bad thing is that i didnt found this before..
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    I recomand this extensio

    Ojan Tudor

    very nice extension. easy to install and use and for now I didn't had any problem. Is an easy way to manage stock products so I recomand this solution.
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    Sat Bhatti

    Gave it four stars as it did not display custom attributes out of the box on my product PDF - had to pay another another 75euro to have this done. But software works well otherwise

    As for support i would give them 5/5. Support team are quick to respond and normally have issues resolved within the hour!

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    I could go on for ages. Simple thing to say is that this extension is essential.
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    Nearly perfect

    Robert Lickley

    A great product but as far as I can see there is one small flaw

    Certainly my magento install does not like products input without weights.

    So, using this product is great for quickly making products so you can book them in stock but it will then require some extra manual tweaking before you can use those products in a love environment.

    That said it has been a god send and I would recommend it.

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    Fonctionne parfaitement et sans modifications !


    Nous venons de la mettre en place, elle fonctionne très bien, on peut tout paramétrer, et il y a toutes les fonctionnalités qui sont requises pour un RMA, possibilité d'activer ou non les retours via le front office, c'est bien pensé !

    Merci BMS !
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    Bon produits

    Nils GIRARD

    ideal pour un retour client efficace
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    Good functionality and well built

    Øyvind Selboe

    This works very good and have a lot of good use.
    Can be more functions, but overall very good.
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    Easy - more sales

    Øyvind Selboe

    Easy to get more reviews. Easy to set up. Easy too use.
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    Pretty good - Does what it is suposed to

    Casper Nielsen

    Good for the price.
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    Fantastic extension & Unbelievable support!

    Casper Nielsen

    If you don't have a large ERP system attached to your Magento webshop, you will need the Embedded ERP.
    The Extension works perfectly, but the documentation could be a lot better. However, what the documentation is lacking, the support is giving. Best support i have ever tried, and again brilliant management module!
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    Une extension qui m'aide beaucoup

    paula Breaban

    Facile à installer et à utiliser, cette extension m'a déjà, aidé par égard aux autres extensions que j'utilise ou je voulais utiliser. Merci !
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    Working now

    commercers UG

    There were some problem to get this extension running but the team of BmS helped like a charm.
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    Ana Arbones

    sencillo pero util
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    Ok Product

    Rannesh Jansari

    The extension is good and works well except the refund does not actually do what is advertised by the developers. on the refund option it allows you to choose which card to refund to but it actually does not work and is something the developers are looking to add later.
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    Great extension. Perfect support.

    Uwe Schmidt

    We are using Magento 1.6. The extension fits our needs perfectly. As we first had some problems with our theme it turned out that the support of Boost my Shop is very fast and helpful. Thanks a lot!
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    This extension works perfectly!


    After a while searching, I finally found this extension and at a great price. Unlike other carts, Magento does not come with a built in review reminder. With this, my customers are automatically reminded to leave a review and it has led to a huge increase in reviews left on the site.

    Whats even better, is that when a customer clicks the link inside their email to leave a review on the site is that it automatically logs them in. Far fewer reviews would be left is customers had to go and remember or find their login info.

    Thanks for the great extension!
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    Does what promised

    Janne Björninen

    We are happy with this product and it does all it promised. We had problem with pagination of multipage printing, but after few hours of contacting the support we receivet patch for fixing the problem. So what can you say. Excellent work.
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    Works like a charm!

    Janne Björninen

    This works also as promised and really makes inventory control faster. Biggest and most time consuming job was turn stocks into barcodes. But now it's done and we're happy with this.
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    it works excellent!

    Alexander Matthes

    we needed to be able to cancel all emails with specific status since otherwise the reserved stock in embedded erp would be too large (and we wouldn't be able to sell that stock anymore;). This extension was the solution. We have set to cancel all orders with the status Pending after 2 weeks.
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    Pretty good

    victor costa

    Do the job as expected
  57. Voir tous les avis >

    Très bien

    Sébastien Mirsky

    Pas encore 100% optimisé mais on se retrouve devant un produit très bien fini et très efficace.
  58. Voir tous les avis >

    it just works great!

    Alexander Matthes

    it does the job and it does the job well.
  59. Voir tous les avis >

    module incontournable

    Albert Layani

    bon module mais besoin d'une formation car opas évident à prendre en main.
  60. Voir tous les avis >

    Hyper utile pour les commandes par téléphone

    Nils GIRARD

    je me logue et je crée la commande quand un utilisateur n'arrive pas a commander tout seul
  61. Voir tous les avis >

    simple pour un bon SEO

    Nils GIRARD

    simple pour un bon SEO
  62. Voir tous les avis >

    les client gere eux meme leur retour maintenant on s'y retrouve

    Nils GIRARD

    nickel pour la gestion des retours clients
  63. Voir tous les avis >

    c'est lourd a installer mais c'est bien pour ma gestion de stock

    Nils GIRARD

    ca marche a merveille gestion de stock, alerte achat calcul prix d'achat, rien a dire, juste a profiter
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    ideal pour mon magasin

    Nils GIRARD

    simple rapide efficace comme tout les produits que j'ai de chez vous. vente plus rapide au comptoir
  65. Voir tous les avis >

    ideal en parrallele du Pos

    Nils GIRARD

    un client achete en magasin puis crée son compte sur le net et hop je le rattache a son compte en toute simplicité
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    Module complet

    Erick DURAND

    Module complet dans la gestion commande client/fournisseur/approvisionnement.

    Attention à l'installation un peu compliquée.
  67. Voir tous les avis >

    I can recommend

    Micha? ?agodzic

    It takes some time to understand and configure the module, but it's very useful and greatly organizes flow of work. If you have some bigger turnover it's must-have.
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    Works as expected

    Claus Conrad

    I am giving this 4 stars instead of 5 because the customization possibilities are constrained, since the Zend_Pdf object is never exposed by this module. But it works great for everything it promises.
    Best wishes, Claus
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    Great Product

    Josh Francis

    Easy to install and in 30 days we already have generated 400 reviews.
  70. Voir tous les avis >

    All was GOOD

    Miroslav Budis

    THX from SLOVAKIA :)
  71. Voir tous les avis >



    Le complément nécessaire à Magento, nous traitons nos achats ainsi que nos réassorts très facilement.
    Une équipe technique parfaire à l'installation, nous recommandons haut et fort cette extension.

    Un grand merci à l'équipe Boost My Shop.
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    Nous aurions du nous équiper bien avant!!!

    Alexandre Fevre

    Nous avons longtemps hésité avant de faire acquisition de votre Embedded erp. Nous avions testé d'autre solution ERP. Mais nous avons opté pour votre solution pour son coté simple, rapide, facile à prendre en main et abordable. Nous sommes pleinement satisfait de ces performances et de son efficacité.
    Nous apprécions toutes les nombreuses fonctionnalités offerte dans embedded erp : le scanner, le code barre, la préparation de commande, mcc, les achats, l'organizer, le calcul des besoins d'appro...
    Bref, un très bonne investissement. Enfin, merci pour votre support.
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    Very well thought out and implemented

    David Neave

    Although it did take a lot of coaxing to get it to print on small labels we love this app and could not run our business without it now
  74. Voir tous les avis >

    A very good upgrade made alot of difference thanks raj.


    We needed something to handle our stock and most importantly purchase orders. This did the work not only well, but professionally.

    A real big thank you to the company and support they provided, any questions we have are very quickly handled
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    Does what it says on the tin!

    Steve Field

    Very handy module. Definitely worth the small price to save time trawling through modules to find the conflicts.
  76. Voir tous les avis >

    efficace mais pas assez documenté

    Bruno Baumstark

    efficace mais pas assez documenté
  77. Voir tous les avis >


    Jerome BIGAND

  78. Voir tous les avis >

    Great Product!

    Maria Conejero

    The ERP is simply the best! If you are a small online commerce with a small shop it is the best extension! Integreated with the POS and RMA works perfect and quit you hundreds of troubles!
  79. Voir tous les avis >

    Perfect for small online offline stores!

    Maria Conejero

    Simple and easy!!
  80. Voir tous les avis >


    Job Admiraal

    These guys have a good service and I would give them 5 stars for that.

    For the extension itself I would give 3 stars, as not all is working and functionalities are missing.

    On the other hand, there is not much out there that can do better, so I'm happy. Therefore, I give the extension 4 stars.
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    Thierry Guion

    Qui a fait quoi ? Ce module est parfait. Il permet de remonter à la source de certains problèmes de gestion et d'administration. un Must have :)
  82. Voir tous les avis >

    Indispensable aussi !

    Thierry Guion

    Indispensable à qui veut offrir un support de qualité et qui s'accomode avec le module de Gestion des Achats - Stock - Logistique. Ne pas passer à côté de la formation boostmyshop pour bien maitriser les outils.
  83. Voir tous les avis >

    Indispensable !

    Thierry Guion

    Indispensable, tout comme la formation par boostmyshop.
  84. Voir tous les avis >

    Souplesse d'utilisation

    Thierry Guion

    Le module offre toute la souplesse nécessaire à la mise en forme des documents. C'est sans soucis !
  85. Voir tous les avis >

    Marche !

    Thierry Guion

    très bon module qui remplit parfaitement ce pourquoi il est vendu ! Indispensable pour un site en plusieurs langues
  86. Voir tous les avis >

    Très bon


    Très bon produit
  87. Voir tous les avis >

    Idéal pour booster les commentaires

    Nils GIRARD

    c'est super utile car les clients ne pense pas a montrer qu'ils ont bien été servis
  88. Voir tous les avis >

    Simply the best! ;)

    Kay Beudeker

    Love it! 5/5 stars!
  89. Voir tous les avis >

    Good extension!

    Mario Avalos

    It founds the conflicts between your extensions and easily shows you how to fix them.
    It works!
  90. Voir tous les avis >

    Great Extension

    Jan Hemmingsson

    This is a great extension, and it works very well. What I like the most, is that it is so simple to use, especially for the customer.
    We would like to see it improved, however: If you have return customers, it should be possible to ask for a review only if the customer has not purchased this product before, alternatively the last so-and-so many months.
    I am on the lookout for this improvement, but in the mean time, I can only recommend this extension for any serious shop owner.
  91. Voir tous les avis >

    Répond au besoin, facile à mettre en oeuvre

    marc jean aubert

    Le code est clair, le module répond bien au besoin de nos clients. Le module a aussi de bons retours d'utilisation par nos clients.
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    Works but poorly presented

    Nicolas Gore

    The module works, but the presentation is very lacking.

    There is an unnecesary installation of transactional emails into the database that might conflict with existing templates. Also the actual templates are not present in the locale folder. Finally, the configuration must be manually changed and there are no defaults provided in the config.xml file

    Another poor aspect is that the translation files that are lacking of many used strings.
  93. Voir tous les avis >


    Laurent Clouet

    L'extension s'installe sans problème;
    Son utilisation est très facile.
    On voit rapidement les conflits.
    Les conseils pour les résoudre sont aussi très pratique.

    Well done (y)
  94. Voir tous les avis >

    Magento Amazon

    Markus Marcel

    The extension is very well and also the support.

    Thanks to BoostmyShop
  95. Voir tous les avis >


    Michel Braun

    overall a very good solution for a fair price.
  96. Voir tous les avis >

    Great product

    Menne Kees Dijkstra

    Simple installation and easy to change the pdf's by the xml files. Allows you to give customers and much better brand-experience then the standard (awfull) magento pdf's.
  97. Voir tous les avis >

    fort utile mais pas de panneau de config

    Morgan Alas

    indispensable pour personnaliser ses pdf sous magento mais pas de panneau de config depuis le back office comme ce fut le cas avec (l'ancienne) extension smart pdf
    obligé de passer par le ftp et de bidouiller un peu

  98. Voir tous les avis >

    Works as advertised, would recommend.

    Paul Hachmang

    Works as advertised, would recommend.
  99. Voir tous les avis >

    Great Product

    Payam Afshar

    I would recommend this module to everyone with magento, it does everything it says it will do as well as the service is very good.

    The only thing i missed with this module is to set product image and category. but i believe it will come in the future.

    This module made my day :) I would strongly recommend this module to everyone with magento.
  100. Voir tous les avis >

    Simple et efficace

    la boutique du soleil

    cette extension m'a fait gagner plusieurs jours de travail à affecter un code barre à chaque produit. La génération automatique est très pratique et l'impression des étiquette rapide. Seul bémol, j'aurai aimé afficher la photo du produit en plus, mais cela viendra peut être sur les prochaines versions

  101. Voir tous les avis >

    Great for showing the problems

    Eugenio Fernandez

    would love to see more advanced solution suggestions.
  102. Voir tous les avis >

    Great extension


    Easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use.
    Nothing to add it's a great product.
  103. Voir tous les avis >

    Good and simple product

    Buyer Indexa

    It does what says, simple and good product, that's it.
  104. Voir tous les avis >

    Très bien

    jean chila

    Ce module nous a facilité la tache lors des ventes magasin, avec une édition de facture rapide et facile.
  105. Voir tous les avis >



    It runs fine with 1.5.1.
  106. Voir tous les avis >

    very good with flexible usefulness.

    johne huang

    Good product,wonderful service.I hope there was 6 stars I could choose.
  107. Voir tous les avis >

    Extremly simple

    marc jean aubert

    but what it does it does well.
  108. Voir tous les avis >

    Very nice extension

    marc jean aubert

    Clean code, worked directly after installation without struggle, comfortable interface. Good product.
  109. Voir tous les avis >

    Bon produit

    David Platbrood

    Produit simple mais qui rend de grands services en listant les modules en conflit et en donnant la solution permettant de résoudre le conflit.
  110. Voir tous les avis >

    bonne extension mais ....

    Morgan Alas

    il manque une interface de gestion sur le back office pour choisir le texte à afficher, les logos, la mise en page
    il faut passer par les fichiers xml donc très bien pour les initiés, moins bien pour ceux qui le sont moins
    smart pdf permettait de configurer les pdf via le back office magento, ce n'est pas le cas avec global pdf
  111. Voir tous les avis >

    Great help

    John Robert

    That's a really great help when thing goes wrong!
  112. Voir tous les avis >

    Very good..

    Frans Dijksterhuis

    It took some time to get ERP running maar now it works. Unfortunately is a little bit overkill for a small shop like us.
    You could do a lot of Magento users a favour by creating a light version only to manage the stock, but without the
    purchase part.
  113. Voir tous les avis >

    Vital extension for any magento store

    Shaun longhurst

    If you are not sue why your store is behaving strangely, you should defo have this extension as it highlights where extensions are overriding the same classes and gives advice on how to fix
  114. Voir tous les avis >


    Shaun longhurst

    Great extension for working out how did what.
  115. Voir tous les avis >


    Shaun Longhurst

    Has made product returns a breeze especially when coupled with the ERP Extension
  116. Voir tous les avis >

    Great Add On

    Markus Gysel

    Easy installation, simple and clear menus, very good overviews for purchase orders, sale orders and stock movment. I won't miss it anymore!
    I'm very satisfied. Thanks.
  117. Voir tous les avis >

    Great product, and simple to install!


    I bought the "customer universal password" mod for Magento and found it incredibly simple to install and it worked first time without any problems. Great product
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    Super extention

    925 interactive

    Super extention j'ai résolus 2 semaines de prises de tête en mois de 20min....

  119. Voir tous les avis >

    Saves Time


    A great extension that improves magento's hidden parameters.
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    Ce module est tout simplement indispensable dès qu'un certain volume de commande journalier est atteint!

    Grâce à Embedded ERP, il a été possible de suivre la croissance sans accrochage.

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    Analyse du service Admin logger

    alexandre aich

    Le service est efficace pour tracer toutes les actions effectués sur l'interface Magento, mais pour les décoder c'est une autre affaire. Le produit ne s'adresse qu'a des personnes féru de magento qui comprennent parfaitement les actions qui sont réalisés sur Magento.

    Un exemple :

    28 déc. 2011 16:56:33 marylinefaucher purchase/orderproduct (id 323) Modification pop_supplied_qty change de 0 a 1, pop_eco_tax change de 0.000 a ,

    il est difficile de comprendre quel est l'ID comment peux t'on retrouver les modification.

    d'autre part il manque un outil efficace de recherche d'actions.

    Alexandre AICH
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    Indispensable au quotidien

    Christophe Didier

    Indispensable au quotidien
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    mass timesaver


    We dont rely on a 'feed' and we have to manually upload all our products. This extension saves us a ton of time.

    Only issue was it couldnt include Categories and Images. I have since modified it to suit our needs.

    All in all, a purchase well worth it
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    Outil ERP totalement intégré à notre plateforme Magento


    Nous avons lancé en mai 2011 et nous proposons aux internautes une expérience unique dans le monde du mobilier intérieur : qui est de configurer en ligne son meuble en le visualisant en temps réel et en le commandant directement à prix d’usine.
    Fort de cette innovation forte, nous souhaitions gérer en temps réel et avec un minimum d’actions humaines notre logistique externalisée et nos différents fournisseurs, actions qui constituent notre valeur ajoutée face à une concurrence importante. Nous avons trouvé en la solution « Embedded ERP » de La maison du logiciel et leur équipe, une analyse pointue de nos besoins et un outil ERP totalement intégré à notre plateforme Magento. Le gain en a été immédiat, tant au niveau de la formation de nos équipes que des résultats obtenus vis-à-vis de nos fournisseurs. Cette solution souple, maitrisable et financièrement abordable est pour nous un des éléments fédérateurs des outils de notre plateforme Web.
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    Our customer needed one system

    Taileron BV

    For one of our customers, we implemented a Magento webshop. One of our biggest challenge was to use the webshop not only for e-commerce but also in a physical store as cashregister. Our customer needed one system (webshop + cashregister with barcodescanner) and not a seperate cashregister system.

    We were thinking about developing our own extension and then came across the "Point of Sales" extension of Maison du Logiciel which was brand new at that time. In the beginning there were some bugs and missing functionalities but we decided to purchase the extension and give it a try. We reported the bugs on the forum and they were fixed very fast and the response was excellent. This month (sept 2010) our wish, the use of a barcodescanner has been optimized, just what we needed!

    We still have some wishes for new features and Maison du Logiciel have put them on their roadmap. The Point of Sales extension is a nice and usefull extension, you should give it a try!
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    Maison du Logiciel have been a crucial partner

    Marine Deals

    We use the Product Return and Quotation extensions developed by Maison du Logiciel. We've found the extensions to be well designed and are now providing real value to our business. We're grateful for the assistance and flexibility in getting these running.

    Maison du Logiciel is unique in that they understand all aspects of running an online retail business. At Marine Deals we believe integrating business process with the Magento store will provide us a real competitive advantage. We're looking forward to implementing the POS and Embedded ERP extensions very shortly.

    Maison du Logiciel have been a crucial partner in the continued growth of our business and we wish every success to Olivier and his team.
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    meilleur module de devis

    BtoB Informatec

    Notre business étant consacré principalement aux sociétés PME/PMI/installateurs et les offres étant très concurrentielles sur ce marché, presque toutes nos demandes clients font l’objet d’une demande de prix spécifiques auprès de nos Fabricants. C’est pour cela que nous avons opté pour le module de devis clients de la Maison du Logiciel. Notre métier étant très spécifique, la Maison du Logiciel a su adapter en un temps record nos demandes particulières: Relance des devis clients (automatique et/ou manuelle, affichage de la marge résultante par ligne,….) Actuellement, nous pensons que c’est le meilleur module de devis existant sur la plateforme Magento et l’équipe de la Maison du Logiciel est très réactive.
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    We really can recomend this extension!


    We've used the extension for one of our merchants to generate an offline product catalog based on the products and information of the webshop. This way, our merchant does not have to change prices and information twice.

    It took little time to set up the extension and we could change the design of the PDFs easily by changing the code, using the documentation of Zend PDF. Now the design of the PDFs is in line with the design of the webshop, people recognize the style of the company immediately and could download the product catalog from the site. If needed, the merchant can print it to send it by regular mail.

    We really can recomend this extension!
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    A recommander.


    Grâce au module de gestion des achats, stock, et logistique, nous avons réussi à combler l'une des plus grandes faiblesses de Magento selon nous : la gestion des commandes.

    Nous importons dans Magento nos commandes en provenance de plusieurs sites. Grâce à Embedded ERP, nous pouvons en 2 clics avoir une sélection des commandes complètes et incomplètes. Cette extension nous permet également d'éditer nos factures, générer nos expéditions et nos étiquettes transporteurs, et enfin passer nos commandes vers nos différents fournisseurs (très utile, surtout s’ils sont nombreux).

    C’est sincèrement une révolution pour nous, car gérer plusieurs centaines de commandes avec un Magento « from scratch » est tout simplement un cauchemar. La gestion de a ainsi été grandement facilitée depuis que nous utilisons Embedded ERP, grâce à un gain de temps considérable. L’équipe de Maison du Logiciel est quant à elle super réactive en plus d’être sympathique.
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    Excellent service and professionalism


    As a fast growing company, we experienced the pains of lacking a good system to manage our inventory and ordering processes. Many potential solutions were either too expensive or overtly simple and therefore not suitable for our business. Also, as we use Magento, many systems did not integrate very well with the system and the integration solutions in themselves were costly. When we stumbled upon Embedded ERP from MaisonDuLogiciel, we thought we were half dreaming as we found a system that could provide us what we needed at this stage of our business and at a reasonable cost as well. Ever since we implemented the module, we've found our ordering processes to be more efficient, our inventory management to be more accurate and our accounts team get to celebrate the fact that a sizable chunk of their work is now being automated. As such, we've been able to focus on growing our business which is expected to record a growth of 500% in June 2010 since the last financial year. Thank you to the Maison Du Logiciel team for their excellent service and professionalism throughout the whole implementation process.
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    We can recommend it to every Magento based shop


    Since we've moved on to another shopping system, Magento, we also wanted to improve the our stock information. We came across the ERP system of MaisonDuLogiciel which is perfect for us. We now can manage all our shops within one system. Even our two warehouse locations can be easily put into this system. Finally something about MaisonDuLogiciel, the support we're getting from these guys is amazing. All our questions are answered very quickly and the solutions they're offering are great. No problem since then with this great ERP system. We can recommend it to every Magento based shop.
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    I cannot say enough good things

    Orchid Boutique

    I cannot say enough good things about Maison du Logiciel and its extension ERP. In 2009, our business had completely outgrown our archaic OS Commerce system, which didn’t have any of the vital features we needed to handle our processes, such as backorders, stock movement tracking, inventory management, etc. I still remember the first time my business partner introduced me to this extension. He said, “ERP has everything we’ve ever wanted to have, and more.” We were quite concerned after we had begun our migration to Magento because we realized the native functions could not support our needs without exhaustive customizations. ERP was a brilliant business solution that used an almost psychic approach to fulfilling the needs of a growing business like ours. Maison du Logiciel has been extremely helpful in acting as a consultant to our US developers and many times proactively guiding them into implementing requested functionalities. I do not know of a better extension in Magento to handle order fulfillment and inventory management. I highly recommend it to any ecommerce platform experiencing the aching growing pains of higher volume or demand. I am even happier to realize that Maison is constantly thinking of ways to improve their product by introducing frequent releases with a surprising amount of new & vital features. I am more than grateful to MDL for their flawless ethic, quick responses, and proactiveness in their support.
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    Satisfait de ce premier module

    Etant une entreprise ayant déjà une activité conséquente, avec un stock permanent de 600 000 bouteilles, l’ouverture d’un site internet nous a vite conduit à trouver une solution afin de s’assurer que les vins commandées par nos clients soient réellement disponibles. Pour cela nous avions besoin d’avoir une gestion de stock en temps réel.

    Magento étant une des plateforme e-commerce les plus performante, l’association avec le module de maison du logiciel Embedded ERP nous a permis de combler un manque de magento qui est la gestion des achats. Ce couple idéal nous a permis de déporter notre gestion de stock sur Magento et nous a permis de garantir que 100% des produits soit disponibles. Face aux autres solutions existantes, nous économisons du temps et de l’argent tout en évitant la création d’un tunnel personnalisé entre 2 logiciels (ainsi que) et de la même façon les bugs éventuelles à chaque mise à jour.

    La Gestion multi-dépôts, nous a permis d’agrandir les fonctionnalités de Magento. Par exemple, nous pouvons gérer des stocks qui sont encore chez nos fournisseurs mais qui nous appartiennent, améliorant ainsi notre chaîne de réapprovisionnement. De plus, la partie achat est très complète en nous permettant de répercuter des frais d’approches afin de connaître aux mieux le prix de revient de chacun des produits.

    Des évolutions constantes, une équipe se montrant à l’écoute et, de surcroît, réactive…je pense que le choix de l’équipe de Maison du Logiciel avec leur module Embedded ERP est à essayer inévitablement.

    Satisfait de ce premier module, nous avons fait l’acquisition récemment de 2 autres de leurs modules : Point of Sale & Global PDF.
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    Efficace mais quelques incertitudes


    Ca marche parfaitement à chaque fois que je m'en sers.
    Par contre, je l'ai installé, il y a trois semaines et depuis il y a des problèmes où des clients se retrouvent sur la session d'autres clients. Je ne sais pas si c'est lié à ça mais ca correspond vraiment en terme de date (installation et début des problèmes). Je ne sais pas si cela se confirme chez d'autres ?
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    Je recommande cette extension à tous les installateurs de module sous Magento : copiez tous les fichiers de la nouvelle extension excepté le fichier app/etc/modules/XXX.xml et mettez à jour les conflits : vous saurez en quelques secondes si des conflits vont se pauser lors de l'activation

    merci Maison :)
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    Simple and Essential

    David stinj

    You Should give it a try... In 3 clics, you have the most valuable information about Your sales and profitability ! The export feature is also very usefull to continue analysis on a spreadsheet

    I highly recommend this extension !
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    Se sex gmbh

    We do have several employees working on magento : admin logger is very helpfull to Know who changed product information, create order or managed category. We had a few issues at the beginning due to our heavily customized magento but maison has been very responsive and helpfull

    5 stars rated !
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    Vraiment souple


    Ce module permet de palier a 2 défauts de magento : le premier est l absence d'impression de la fiche produit en pdf, le second est la possibilité de personaliser l'apparence des pdf. Et c'est bien cette second fonctionnalité qui est interressante : même si il faut quelques heures pour bien maitriser le système de template, global pdf permet vraiment de personnaliser a souhait tous les pdfs.

    J avais déjà essaye d autre extension pour améliorer les pdf mais celle ci est de loin la plus souple

    Merci la maison du logiciel, support au top comme d'habitude !
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    nickel, juste 2 détails


    merci, encore, pour cette extension, très pratique!
    juste 2 détails:
    1. dans le pdf vous dites: "Copy folder app/design/adminhtml/default/default/ConflictExtension/", mais ce répertoire n'existe pas. Mais bon, on comprend rapidement qu'il faut mettre les contenus de layout/ et template/ dans les répertoires respectifs ;)
    2. la fonction split est deprecated, ce qui a provoqué qu'au premier refresh que j'ai fait, j'ai eu une erreur: "Deprecated functionality: Function split() is deprecated in /var/www/magento/app/code/local/MDN/ExtensionConflict/Helper/Data.php on line 28". Remplacer split par explode a fait l'affaire.

    ah, et un 3ème: ça fonctionne aussi sur une :)
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    Simple et efficace: installer par le connect, logout/login, configurer, et le tour est joué!
    et tout ça sur une magento, vous pouvez mettre à jour la description ;)
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    Emmanuel - Zenlap

    Super extension, j'en avais braiment besoin pour que mes factures ressemblent enfin à quelque chose digne de ce nom !
    Assistance au top.
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    Not is compatible with Custom Options


    This module not is compatible with products create with custom products attention !!
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    Excellente extension !


    Merci pour le développement, très pratique voir indispensable sur un site d'envergure.
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    Excellent !


    Extension indispensable et simple à utiliser.

    Bravo et merci !