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Pixmania for Magento

Synchronise Pixmania Pixplace with Magento : for your products, stock levels, sales and shipment
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Pixmania for Magento

  • Configuration
  • Debug tools
  • Configuration
  • Debug tools

Our extension for Pixplace, is designed with Pixmania in mind and helps to sell your products on Pixplace. Everything is done within the Magento Admin Panel so you don't need another software or subscription.

Send your products

The main screen displays all your products. Each product has a status: pending, associated. You can add mass products to the market using mass actions. When a product is created on the market, its stock and prices are updated. To create a product an EAN code must be filled within the product sheet. When you submit a product to the market place, if it does not exist it is created, or it is associated to an existing product. If your products are already added to market place, you can import the list to update associations.

Update stocks & prices

Once a product is added to the market place, it's price and stock are automatically updated (every hour). You can apply a custom multiplication to the price enabling you to set a price for a specific market place. This software also enables you to force/ override stock levels and define delivery dates.

Import order

When a new order is placed, it is automatically imported into Magento. A Magento order and customer account is created and you are able to full-fill this order as with any other order. You can also designate orders to a specific website.

Confirm shippping

When a shipment is created in Magento, the shipping confirmation and tracking numbers are sent to Pixmania and an email is also sent to the customer confirming shipment

Other features

  • Debug mode
  • Sales statistic
  • Supports internationalisation ( the ability to sell products using different currencies / languages)
  • Support configurable products
  • Package Content
    • 100% open source
    • User manual
    • Free updates and support for 1 year
    • Compatibility from 1.4 to 1.8