Embedded ERP is a must for e-commerce shop owners

by Fred Bornatici

Embedded ERP is a must for people that want to be serious about e-commerce and start building a striving business. Easy to install, future reach and well priced extension that cut down our work load by 20%. It takes sometimes to get used to it and make ...

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The Ultimate ERP Solution For Magento

Stock management


Order preparation


BoostMyShop’s Embedded ERP is the missing piece that transforms the Magento platform into a complete e-commerce solution. Embedded ERP’s features fit perfectly with the Magento workflow and are automatically integrated into the admin panel, eliminating the need for a separate synchronization software. Additionally, Embedded ERP is designed to facilitate communication with your logistics company and can be customized by our developers to fit your unique business requirements.

As our solution is 100% open source, we can also provide customization to fit perfectly with your business requirements

Embedded ERP features include :

  • Stock management: Supports multiple warehouses, inventory tracking, stock level alerts, barcodes, and sales history.
  • Purchasing: Manages supply needs (backorders and preferred stock levels), suppliers, and purchase orders.
  • Order Preparation: Coordinates mass order fulfillment, pick-up, and shipping labels.
  • Product Availability & Order Planning: Sends email alerts to customers about product availability and order confirmations with delivery tracking information.

Installed on 2.000+ Magento-powered websites, BoostMyShop’s Embedded ERP is the #1 ERP solution for Magento online stores.

Last, embedded ERP is also designed to support communication with logistic company and drop shipping.

Stock Management

Multiple Warehouses Function & Router

Embedded ERP allows you to define multiple warehouses. This is an important function if you :

  • Manage multiple warehouses in different locations.
  • Maintain a separate stock for your physical store(s) and online.
  • Want to import supplier stock levels to display on your site.
  • Want to identify defective products and/or products on loan.

With this feature, you can create an unlimited number of warehouses and it is possible to assign any number of warehouses to any website you manage.

The Router is another excellent feature. It designates which warehouse distributes stock based on your selection in the advanced stock priority configuration settings. The settings include: a preferred warehouse for a specific product, any warehouse containing stock, or a default warehouse. With the Router function, orders can be shipped from different locations.

Several stock levels can be defined:

  • Physical stock: the number of SKU’s in your warehouse.
  • Available stock: physical stock withholding pending orders.
  • Preferred stock level.
  • Alert for low stock levels

Stock Movement

It is not easy to accurately manage stock. To assist you, our Embedded ERP stores every single stock movement so that you can track them later, in the event of inventory errors. When you ship an order, create a purchase order, deliver a product, or issue a refund, Embedded ERP automatically creates a stock movement for the transaction. Each stock movement has a type and requires a mandatory description that clearly defines the reason a product has been moved in or out of stock. You can always manually override the mandatory setting to create stock movement.

Sales History & Alert Stock Level

Embedded ERP maintains sales statistics using three customizable time frames. The information is then made available on all screens. You can create an algorithm to calculate preferred stock levels and a low-stock alert based on your sales history. When a product’s stock level reaches the low-stock alert, an order form is automatically generated.


The use of barcodes for your products has many advantages, including accurate and efficient pick-ups and deliveries. Embedded ERP can :

  • Manage several barcodes from one SKU.
  • Print barcode labels on laser or thermal printers.
  • Print barcodes on pick-up lists.
  • Work with a hand-held scanner to perform pick-ups, deliveries, and inventory operations.


Suppliers Management

With Embedded ERP, you have full control over your supplier database. Each supplier is matched with :

  • An email address for sending purchase order requests.
  • A delivery delay.
  • A default currency.
  • A tax and discount rate.
  • Information about shipping rates, minimum orders, etc.

Product-Supplier Association

Once your suppliers are established, you can designate different suppliers for different products. This is a key function to streamline your purchase ordering process. Embedded ERP keeps track of your supply needs and is able to tell you what products are in need from which suppliers. It allows you to associate multiple suppliers with a single product and each supplier can be categorized with a custom SKU, price, discount level, etc.

The Product-Supplier database can be filled out using a CSV import, manually, or automatically. Each time you place a new purchase order, Embedded ERP updates the database for the next use.

Supply Needs

One of the more exciting features of purchasing with Embedded ERP is the Supply Needs Function. When customers place backorders or when stock reaches the alert level, Supply Needs will automatically display the products that need to be purchased. In every scenario, the ERP will display two different purchase quantities :

  • Minimum Quantity : The exact amount that is required to fulfill the sales order.
  • Maximum Quantity : In the case of a good supplier price condition, the ideal purchase quantity to fulfill orders and maintain preferred stock levels.

Purchase Orders

With Embedded ERP, you can efficiently manage your purchase orders. This feature allows you to create purchase orders from scratch or by importing supply needs. The Purchase Orders function designates the following specifications :

  • Currency
  • Tax rate
  • Landing costs
  • Unit price for products
  • Quantity
  • Packaging
  • Estimated of delivery

Once your purchase order is ready, you can automatically send an email to your supplier with the Purchase Order PDF. While you await delivery, the ERP will update your product availability by displaying messages like, “Back in stock in 1 week!” Finally, you can create several purchase order deliveries to increase stock levels and the PO progress rate.

Order Preparation

Preparation state management

Our ERP software manages your entire supply chain and stock levels. When an order is made, the ERP knows which products are in stock or on reserve, and which are out of stock. The order preparation screen will display two different order lists :

  • Full Stock Orders (All products are available and reserved)
  • Stockless Orders (orders where at least one products is missing)

From these lists, the logistics operator can choose whether to fulfill orders when stock is complete, or to send in partial shipments.

Mass Order Management

Benefit from expedited order fulfillment. Embedded ERP provides an optimized process to efficiently fulfill several orders at a time.

This process involves the following procedures :

  • Picking list: This document summarizes every product needed to prepare orders. The picking list is organized by location or manufacturer in order to streamline the picking procedure.
  • Mass Shipment Creation: With a single button, you can create shipments for all selected orders.
  • Mass PDF Print: With a single button, you can print a complete PDF containing all invoices and packing slips.
  • Mass Notification: At the end of the process, a single button allows you to notify all customers about the shipment status.

Shipping Labels

Embedded ERP can communicate with your shipping software to :

  • Export order information to print shipping labels
  • Import tracking numbers to store them in orders

To be compatible with any shipping software, we have designed a wizard that can be customized to easily import and export files.

Our users today coordinate the ERP with major shipping carriers such as UPS and FedEx, among others.


A few miscellaneous advantages of Embedded ERP include the following :<:p>

  • Supports several operators at once
  • Supports shipments from several warehouses
  • Picking can be done using a hand-held scanner

Other possibilities


This useful feature enables you to manage internal communication between your employees. The Organizer function allows you to add notes on Magento categories such as: Product, Order, Supplier, or Purchase Order. Notes can be assigned to a specific employee and can be emailed. When preparing an order, a summary of all notes for the selected orders can be printed.

Hand-held Scanner

To improve stock management, you can use a hand-held scanner with Embedded ERP for barcode reading. The hand-held scanner helps with the following processes :

  • Creating a purchase order delivery
  • Picking items on picking list
  • Inventory management
  • Barcode comparison

To use this excellent feature, you will need a hand-held barcode reader with a browser and Wi-Fi support, such as the Datalogic Memor.

Synchronization With Logistics Company

If you are working with a logistics company to manage your stocks, fulfill orders, and receive purchase orders, our External Logistic module allows you to synchronize Magento and Embedded ERP automatically with this third-party entity. For more information go in External Logistic page.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is the process of transferring order information to your supplier for direct shipping. Embedded ERP is compatible with our Drop Shipping extension that allows you to:

  • Automatically import supplier stock levels in a specific warehouse
  • Automatically display orders that can be drop-shipped
  • Easily send drop-ship information to your supplier (i.e. order information, invoices, packing slips.)

More information about the Magento Drop Shipping extension can be found here : http://www.boostmyshop.com/english/magento/administration/drop-shipping.html

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