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Embedded ERP


We are proud to anounce the release of Embedded ERP, our award winning ERP solution for Magento.

If you already use Embedded ERP, login on your customer account, go in "My Products" tab and download it !

This new release brings new features and bug fixes, here are the major changes :

  • Create Product availability status if not exist in any call of the Product Availability Status
  • Global Speed optimizations on order preparation screen
  • Improve background task message for update product availability status on product save
  • Refresh product availability status if product change Stock management method
  • Display User comments/Organiser in order preparation and OrderComment PDF
  • Enable stock management On Downlodable and Virtual product even in order prepration screen
  • Sales order preparation Tab : the tab where the order is + the user that has selected the order in order prepration screen
  • Add Import Purchase order products from a CSV file
  • PO delivery Note : add shelf location
  • Add possibility to unlock a purchase order
  • Add PDF option to use true type font for international Supplier
  • Optimize the save time on ERP products view : save only when when necessary
  • Import StockTransfer products from CSV
  • Add MassStockEditor Filter by product Status (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Manage Stock managed Virtual and Downloable products
  • Tab price goes to read only + fix saved special price issue from ERP 2.9.3.x previous version
  • Warehouse : simplify import warehouse and add online help (+ translations)
  • 100+ bug fixes and small improvements