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The drop shipping module for Magento Embedded ERP is designed to manage drop ship orders within Magento : we have released the new version (1.6.6) that brings a lot of new features and improvements, the the new features are described below.

If you already have a Drop Shipping module license, you can download it from your customer account.



New features in Drop Ship v1.6.6

  • Automatic FTP stock file import : configure the module to automatically download stock file from a FTP server and update supplier warehouse stock levels accordingly
  • Customizable attachment export : ability to attach a custom csv, xml or PDF file to the email when you send a drop ship notification to vendors
  • Supplier quote request : send a price request to every suppliers associated to a product to process the most cost effective drop ship
  • Enhanced drop shipping screen : completely redesigned drop shipping screen using ajax and automatic refresh
  • Purchase order synchronization : synchronize purchase order products and status based on the drop ship workflow


If you want to learn more, you can check the Dropshipping for Magento product page