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20% off all extensions M1 & M2

Christmas 2018, are you ready? Boost your Magento site today to prepare for the incoming sales!

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20% off

Prepare your warehouse for the year-end rush

Black Friday, Christmas, Sales … Take on the demanding end of year sales with your Magento and be prepared today ! Install the indispensable Magento extensions and benefit from a 20% off promo on all the site until the 31/10/18 with the coupon code : 2018SAVE20. Available on all extensions other than subscriptions, installations, trainings and renewals.

magento 1 extensions

Rediscover the best Magento 1 extensions :
Multistock management, procurement, preparation of orders, marketplace connectors.

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magento 2 extensions

The best extensions for Magento 1 are now available for Magento 2, so don’t waste any time
Amazon connector, intelligent stock management, procurement, returns...

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