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Vraiment maléable

by Harold GIRARD

D'un premier abord, j'ai trouvé compliqué la prise en main du module. Mais j'ai vite intégré que l'outil permettait une personnalisation important, de plus le support à été présent pour répondre à mes questions. Avec Global PDF, je gère mes ...

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Customisation using our PDF Software

As you are probably aware customising Magento into a PDF is a difficult task, you can only do it programatically. Our Global PDF extension includes a layout system that allows you to design your PDF using xml templates . You do not need to be programmer, just simply use our friendly XML language to add a picture, text, borders to your invoice, packing slip, or credit memo. Our extension supports translations and Magento multi websites.




Our Global PDF extension Introduces new PDF options

In addition, global PDF introduces new PDF for magento :

  • Cart PDF : customer can print a summary of his cart
  • Order PDF : print a summary of an order
  • Product PDF: print product sheets with pictures, prices, options, description and attribute values.
  • It supports all product types (simple, configurable, bundle, grouped)




Generate a catalogue or brochure

Another interesting feature is the ability to generate a PDF brochure using your products: select either a few products or a particular category and then in one click you get a PDF containing your product description




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