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For high prices reasons and implementations difficulties Small and mid-size companies are not running a proper ERP software. But this lead to a lot of mistakes, data loss, stocks issues or slowdown processes ...

  • More specific than ERP software and more affordable is to implement a Warehouse Management System (WMS). It offers all features for Purchase, Inventory management, fast and reliable Order Preparation

What will be the Benefits of an ERP/WMS software for your eBusiness ?


No duplicate information - No conflicts

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Better order process management

logo embedded erp

Efficient Pick / Pack / Ship process

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Fast, Reliable Stock Control

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Various stocks in different places

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Dashboards for Company Monitoring

Magento as unique Information System to run the business

Since march 2008 Magento is one of the world leading solution as an open source ecommerce technology

More than 250K website around the world are using Magento for shopping cart functionalities

Magento CMS has no native functionalities for order preparation, stock management or procurement.

All customization and integration are possible to make the solution richest and complete

Third party software can be connected to Magento (SAP, Sage, Sugar) and also Magento Extensions that will make your Magento as an All in One information system solution to run and growth efficiently your business

    Be prepared to work with the product enhancements and features that are offered in this new product.




Magento became e-commerce reference over the years
Roy Rubin
Magento's CEO and co-founder
Roy Rubin

Embedded ERP by BoostMyShop

BoostMyShop Company

Embedded ERP is a complete Erp Solution developed and natively integrated into Magento

Starting in 2008, embedded ERP is developed for Internationals and multi-channels merchants with High WMS requirements and advanced inventory management needs.

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The prior choice was to code the ERP in the hearth of Magento to make the system as reliable as possible with no duplication and no synchronization issues.

Since 2009, Embedded ERP is promoted by Boost My Shop and continuously improved. This Open Source ERP extension made our success, and we’re still improving it with regular releases.

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BoostMyShop Company

Embedded ERP Eco system – Full ERP Suite for eCommerce

Stock Management

Stock tracking and movement, multiple warehouses management, stock Level & low-stock alerts, barcode management.

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Purchase Management

Control supplier management process, supply needs dashboard : purchase price, stock needs.

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Order Supply

Edit purchase order, Order delivery & backorders management.

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Order Preparation

Mass order preparation, intelligent order fulfillment, invoicing & printing processes (picking packing lists, barcodes ,shipping labels)

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Order Tracking

Check product availability, schedule order, advanced availability options, generate a delivery schedule for the client

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More than 50 reports, charts, analyzing sales, products, customers, and suppliers, It is all about your company’s performances

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ERP EcoSystem - Plugins and Extras Features for the most complete Magento ERP Experience

  • External Logistic
  • Drop Shipping
  • Chaotic Storage
  • Shelf Life (coming soon)
  • Supplier Return
  • logo External Logistic

    External Logistic

    Not having your own warehouse? Connect Embedded ERP to the External Warehouse to manage it like yours

    External Logistic system has saved us time. Customer service is super fast and really helpful. Thank you Very Much! Highly recommended
    James Davies
    Marketing Service
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  • logo drop shipping


    You supplier will assure order preparation and shipping for your customer?

    I would recommend any App from BoostMyShop ! This extension has helped us run our Drop shipping process
    Ivan Proteksol
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  • logo chaotic storage

    Chaotic storage

    Help and organize stock for product stock at different places in the Warehouse

    The product is very good, the user guide gave me clear explanations to how to use this plugin. I didn't have problems.
    James Matthes
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  • logo self life

    Shelf Life

    Products have to be used before expiring date

  • logo supplier return

    Supplier Return

    Products that have to be send back to the supplier / manufacter have to be managed

    Was able to integrate into our operations with ease. Was able to reduce time for processing Supplier Return.
    Andrew Jhon
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Externalise logistics with Magento

More and more website owners decide to subcontract their stock management and logistics to a third party. However, it requires you to synchronise Magento and the logistics company's system automatically in order to keep both systems up to date. With our Embedded ERP and External Logistic plugin, we offer an embedded function to ensure synchronisation between Magento and your third party, enabling you to focus more time on your business...

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