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Price Tracker Extension makes competitor price from Google Shopping directly visible from your Magento Back Office

This Extensions displays a new column 'Price Tracker' in your Catalog > Manage Product screen in your Magento back end.

Price tracker can show you up to 5 competitors for each offer sorted by price.

Competitor Prices displays Product Price, Shipping and Total Price for each offer

Price tracker uses barcodes to match products – if there is no barcode available Price tracker cannot retrieve competitor prices. It is a mandatory pre-requiresite to use this extension.

An hyperlink let you see the source information

Popup installation Price Tracker

How does it Work

Price tracker uses powerful dedicated technology that retrieves competing prices for matched products from Google Shopping Channels over the world.

Google Shopping Price Tracker

First, the product which is to be scanned is identified by the EAN/UPC code. Then Price Tracker identifies the matching product on the channel you have selected.

Pricing information is securely captured according to the frequency requested and sent to the magento website through the price tracker webservice

It is fast, reliable and doesn’t use any resource from you own server


Price Tracker is an on-demand service

Purchase credit pack depending how many product in your catalog you need to monitor and the frequency

For each matched product price tracker will count 1 credit per competitor prices displayed.

Ex: When 20 product are diplayed on the catalog Manage Product Webpage if Price Tracker can retrieve Competitor
Offers for 15 products Only then 15 credits will be the consumed.

Credits Price € Price $ Price £
100 5 € 6 $ 4 £
500 9 € 10 $ 8 £
2 000 29 € 31 $ 25 £
5 000 39 € 43 $ 33 £
10 000 65 € 69 $ 55 £
50 000 169 € 185 $ 145 £
100 000 279 € 307 $ 239 £


First Install:

  • - Upload files on your magento server (using your favorite ftp / sftp tool)
  • - Refresh magento caches

After Installation, Pop-Up Screen

Popup installation Price Tracker
  • - Set up the EAN/UPC attribute your want to use with price tracker
  • - Select the Google Shopping Channel (Country) you want to use

Go to System > Configuration > Catalog > Price Tracker


Login is by default your BoostmyShop Customer Account

If needed the Secret Key retrived from your Customer Account on BoostmyShop.com


Desactivate Price Tracker selecting No to Enable checklist

Here can changed Barcode Attribute and Google Shopping Channel you wish to monitor

Select also the frequency with which Smart Price should retrieve Competitor Price – You can select day/ week /month frequency

Display :

Select the Numebr of competitors you want to display from 1 to 5. Price will then be retrieved.

Sort Mode Offers Sellers 2 sorting options

Product to Watch

Select Manually Product you wish to monitor

Exclude disable and out of stock product if required

Popup installation Price Tracker


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