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Excellent Tool

by Andrew Mowery

Was able to integrate into our operations with ease. Was able to reduce time for processing RMAs by at least 50%.

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Product Return RMA 2.0.5 is a management extension that offers great flexibility in setting milestones and conditions for Returns.

Fully integrated with Magento, you can manage settings by web site (English, French, German …) and process requests coming directly from the management interface.


The configuration parameters are divided into five sections.

General : determines product return agreement and communicates the number of days during which customers can apply for product return.

This feature is available for all web site types.


The other 4 sections, Emails, Product Return, PDF Option and Predefined Messages, have features that may be different in the context of a multi-lingual site management. Your product return strategy may differ from one country to the other therefore also your settings.


Emails : Assign a type of email based on predefined actions. Email sender, refused or approved product return ...

Product Return : Set rules and conditions for product returns

PDF Option : Insert all required information to create your return form automatically (Company, address, comments …).

Predefined Messages : Message that should appear in the comment area.

Features for Buyers

From his account, the buyer has access to product return menu that is activated upon receipt of the merchandise.

The customer clicks on the order and sees the details. Each product is detailed with:

                         A possible action : Refund, Exchange, after sales support ...

                         A justification : Purchase order mistake, size issue, defect ...



Once request is approved, and according to your configuration, the product return form is made available or the customer must wait for the handling of his case. Customer will be informed both by email and directly in his account and, if acceptance of his request, he will receive a Product Return Form and the return carrier label.

Reminder : A product return is possible only once the purchase order has been invoiced and sent.

Features for Ecommerce

In the « Order>Product Return » interface, you can see product return requests.

From « RMA » menu, you have a set of sub-menus that allow processing of individual cases.


General : Customer information summary and requests

Historical : Log of product return actions related to a purchase order.

Product booking : Book another product in the case of an exchange. By doing this, you establish a direct link with your inventory and you can quickly check if your product is available or not.

Return label : Return label is saved here. Buyer must print and insert it in his package.


Return approval

From back office, you can approve or reject a return request. In both cases, the customer is informed by email. Once approved, your client has to return to his account in order to print the return form. When you receive the returned products, you can inform the customer regarding the progress status : Product received, expertise in progress …


Handle Returns

For every product in RMA, you can trigger multiple actions:

Refund customer : A credit line is automatically created and the products are restocked.

Exchange with another product : A new purchase order is created for the new product and the returned product is restocked.

Benefits and additional extensions

Product Return RMA values ecommerce experience and evolves according to your needs. Its main assets are:

  • Product booking for a future return
  • Set of a valid date for a return
  • Inventory management (restocking, destruction) : Action selection for the returned product.
  • Invoice additional services such as after sales support
  • Automatic log of all actions completed for product return.

With Additional Extensions Embedded ERP and CRM Email you get a fully optimized end to end management of your ecommerce supply chain


With Embedded ERP you can

Track product bookings in inventory management, view and recognize revenue due to purchase orders and monitor products in the case of RMA request.

Collaborate with extended teams on RMA tracking (after sale, delivery, sales). Installation of the ERP package will add the "organizer" feature in the Product Return RMA menu developed to exchange messages on the product of related client.


With CRM Email you can communicate and track customer requests by email integrated into the RMA menu of the Magento interface.

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