Google Shopping et Shopping actions fusionnent

Google Shopping, Google’s price comparison service, and Shopping Actions*, Google’s marketplace, have merged to make the experience easier for their users.


The main difference between the two is that Google Shopping displays your products on its price comparison site, but the buying process is done through your website. On the other hand, when you sell on the Shopping Actions marketplace, the user experience is done from A to Z on the marketplace, from the display of the product to the payment.


It is therefore important to know how Google Shopping and Shopping Actions merge for a better experience and how Boostmyshop fits in perfectly with this new feature.


Google simplifies the display of its offers page by product


Before : 

Google Shopping


















After : 

Marketplace Google Shopping Actions


The Google Shopping and Shopping Actions offers are now merged for better lisibility:

– Google Action shopping cart   or direct access to seller site


Filters to facilitate customer search

Google Actions

Qualification of the offer (second-hand, refurbished, promotions…)

Acheter sur Google

Google shopping Actions

Boostmyshop now addresses Shopping Actions offers


The automatic repricing solution, myPricing, developed by Boostmyshop can now address Shopping Actions. As the only repricer for Google Shopping, myPricing can read all the prices on the new Google Shopping product pages. This makes it possible to :

– To reprice against sellers on Shopping Actions but also directly on your site so that you are the best on all your sales channels

– To reprice your offer according to the Best Sellers who have the buy box of the displayed marketplaces (discover our article dedicated to the buy box to be sure to win it)

– To recover the prices of products (new, refurbished and second-hand) and thus compete with marketplaces that offer refurbished and second-hand products such as Backmarket or Rakuten.


Boostmyshop works every day to offer you the best features to develop and manage your e-commerce. With myPricing, win the buy box on all marketplaces and become the best seller. You can also watch our webinar “E-merchants, learn to sell better on marketplaces” which will give you the keys to a successful strategy, or schedule a demonstration with our sales department.

*Shopping Actions” becomes “Buy on Google”