Label Speak&Act best workplace experience

At Boostmyshop, we are customer-focused and our international teams do everything possible to meet their needs. To achieve this, we share full transparency within the company to ensure smooth communication and progress on projects. This is what makes Boostmyshop what it is today: a passionate, innovative company that believes in its team as much as in its clients.

What is Speak & Act?

Speak & Act is the first employer and school branding platform that labels companies and schools offering the best employee, trainee, candidate and student experience. With the aim of guiding candidates and students towards the right employer and the right school. Speak & Act has created the “Best Workplace Experience – Happiness Barometer” label to allow employees to give their opinion on their experience. All opinions collected through an anonymous questionnaire make the Best Workplace Experience – Happiness Barometer an impartial, transparent and independent ranking.

How did Boostmyshop obtain the “Best Workplace Experience 2021” label?

With more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce, our company is made up of merchants who, over the years and through their experience, have come to understand the problems of online sales. It is through their vision and their needs that Boostmyshop imagines and develops solutions to meet the challenges of e-merchants worldwide: increase turnover, margins, improve productivity to optimise processes and improve customer satisfaction.

To do this, we have opened 3 offices over the last 6 years, Toulon and Lyon in France and Pondicherry in India. The international dimension was a must for us. In order to help e-merchants all over the world, we had to be present internationally and go out to meet them, we had to be oriented towards our customers’ needs to be able to help them.

Our different teams accompany them from A to Z, demonstrating, setting up and monitoring our tools. Whatever the size of the company, we always try to find a solution to help them.

Also, to make this work, our teams are always work united. We have no problem working together, whether in the office or remotely. Fully transparent for all information, we facilitate communication and ensure smooth progression of all projects.

We meet our teams 3 times a year, in each of our offices, to share a convivial working moment where we discuss past projects and our common future goals. Bringing our teams together is to always keep the link and the motivation that has made Boostmyshop what it is today: a passionate, innovative company that believes in its teams as much as in its customers.

Background to the labelling survey, results and key figures

At Boostmyshop, we are committed to developing tools to make life easier for e-merchants, but we also think about the well-being of our employees. To make sure we were moving in the right direction, we decided to apply for the Speak&Act labelling survey. We sent the survey to our employees so that they could answer it and give their vision of the company in a completely anonymous way.

Based on the results, we are happy to see that they feel good at work, and we will continue to implement new actions to ensure that this continues.

– The level of trust in the management of our employees is 98%.

– 97% of our employees are satisfied with their career development within the company.

– 95% of our employees are satisfied with the company’s reputation.