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Easy to install, easy to customize

by Sven Wesley

We are very happy with the result of our quotation setup. It was pretty straight forward to add the customization in the active template not touching the original install as the concept of overriding layers is supposed to work. A quote creates a new prod ...

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Excl. Tax: $169.00


Quote request

From your website, the customer can request a quote from within their account, a product page or from his cart. You can fine tune permissions at a product or at a customer group level. You are notified by email when a new request is sent.


Customize the quote

Create a quote or customise a quote request by adding products, changing prices, discount levels, options, give a free shipping or display estimated shipping fees. You can also add a PDF to add product brochures or commercial offers


1 click notification

Once the quote is ready, simply notify the customer with 1 click : an email is sent with an attachment of a quote in PDF form. From the email, the customer can access his quote with only 1 link that automatically authenticates him and brings up his tailored quote page.

Easy add to cart

From his account, your customer can easily print their quote from the PDF, download the attachment and add “quote” to cart. When “quote” is added to cart, he can remove optional products and place order as usual.

Automatic reminder

Another awesome option is the automatic reminder: our extension can automatically send a reminder email to the customer who didn't go ahead with your quote.

Features detail

  • Quote content
    • Commercial status (request, new, bought, missed)
    • Manager by quote
    • Free shopping, display shipping fees
    • Attachment management
    • Product / quote pricing, discount %
    • Display margin per product
    • Add false products
    • Automatic History
    • Wysiwyg commercial offer tool
    • Customer email notification, reminder
    • Duplicate quote
  • Customer side
    • Quote request
      • Text request
      • Request from product sheet
      • Request from cart
    • Quote review in customer account
    • Automatic login for customer from notification email
    • Download quote PDF
    • Download attachment
    • Add quote to cart in 1 clic
    • Optional products
  • Miscellaneous
    • Advanced permission for quote request by product, customer group

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