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Frequently asked questions

What is Boostmyshop myPricing and how can it help me grow my online sales? +
Boostmyshop myPricing is a tool that can help you analyze, optimize and multiply your sales volume to its maximum, in order to ignite your competitive spirit and skyrocket your online sales.
How many sales channels can Boostmyshop myPricing be integrated with? +
Boostmyshop myPricing can be integrated with over 300 sales channels, including major platforms such as Amazon, Google Shopping , Darty , Leroy Merlin , Best Buy and Carrefour
How can Boostmyshop myPricing help me optimize my business and improve customer satisfaction? +
Boostmyshop myPricing can help you optimize your business by providing data on store health and global performance, allowing you to make adjustments to your ecosystem and improve customer satisfaction.
How can Boostmyshop myPricing help me multiply my sales and increase my profit margins? +
Boostmyshop myPricing can help you multiply your sales and increase your margins by providing a responsive repricing tool and helping you set a dynamic pricing strategy that takes into account all of your costs.
How easy is it to connect my sales channels to Boostmyshop myPricing’s dynamic pricing tool? +
Boostmyshop myPricing’s dynamic pricing tool can be easily connected to your sales channels and allows you to import your product catalogue quickly, making it easy to start repricing in just 10 minutes
Will I have access to all the features with Boostmyshop myPricing free trial? +
Yes, Boostmyshop myPricing’s free trial allows you to test the tool before committing to a subscription, giving you the opportunity to see if it is the right fit for your business
How quickly can I start repricing using Boostmyshop myPricing’s dynamic pricing tool? +
With Boostmyshop myPricing’s dynamic pricing tool, you can start repricing your products in just a matter of minutes. The tool is designed for easy integration with your e-commerce ecosystem, allowing you to connect your sales channels, import your product catalog, and set up your pricing rules quickly. Our team is also available to assist you during the setup process, providing support and guidance to ensure that you are up and running as soon as possible. Additionally, you can also start your free trial for the first 15 days, this will give you a head start and let you test the solution before you commit to a subscription.

Free trial for the next 15 days.

In 10 minutes you can connect your sales channels, import your product catalogue and start repricing. Just follow our instructions.

  • iconCatalog Performance Indicators
  • iconBuyBox Predictor
  • iconDynamic Pricing
  • iconIntuitive Dashboard
  • iconDedicated Support

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