Success story gpasplus x boostmyshop

How did Gpasplus, a French e-commerce player, become a growth champion in just 2 months?


How did the collaboration start?

A major player in French e-commerce, Gpasplus was founded in 2012. Specialised in highlighting products at the best prices, the company decided in 2017 to make a strategic shift for growth purposes. The challenge? To gain market share in the French e-commerce market by better positioning themselves against their competitors while preserving their profitability.

It was at this time that Gpasplus called on Boostmyshop’s services, as the proposed solutions met their needs. Initially, the company used the myPricing functionality, then the myAds tool, launched in 2020 by Boostmyshop as part of an industrial partnership with Google.

These two services enabled them to experience a real boom by multiplying their turnover and sales by two on French marketplaces. Then, they were able to adjust their business model by working on new customer acquisition levers thanks to the development of sales on site. Traffic has tripled in the space of just a few months.