How to position yourself at the top of Google searches?

How to combine competitiveness and profitability on Google?

80% of purchasing acts begin with an internet search and 90% of these are done on Google. It has become essential to make a place for yourself on the search engine as an online retailer. But how can you make successful sales on Google given the fierce competition?

Positioning yourself in the first search results will be your best asset. There are two solutions for this:

  • Optimising your natural referencing known as SEO by implementing a set of actions: keyword selection, site architecture, etc.
  • Opt for paid referencing, known as SEA, by creating advertising campaigns on Google Ads. This involves ranking higher in the search results thanks to a bidding system.
Annonce Google Search

The Google campaigns can then be made according to two distinct networks : Search and Display.

The main difference between these networks lies in the way the ads are displayed. For the Search network, it is the Internet user who takes action, by carrying out a text search in the Google search bar. Ads from the Search and Google Shopping sponsored campaigns will then appear in the first 2 or 3 lines. Search campaigns are text-based, whereas Google Shopping campaigns contain an image, a title, a description and a selling price.

Annonce google shopping

For the Display network, the procedure is the opposite. This means that it is Google’s engine that broadcasts ads to Internet users throughout its Display network (Youtube, Gmail and other partner sites). On this advertising network, the potential formats are diverse and varied: texts, illustrations, videos or rich media.

annonce display youtube

For campaigns in the Search network, the Internet user already explicitly shows an interest in a product and is specifically looking for something. For the Display network, the objective is to arise interest in the internet user through the display of advertisements to capture his or her attention earlier in the purchasing cycle.