Plateforme logistique définition

Logistics platforms: what you need to know

The proper coordination of a company's logistics can be decisive for the company's long term activity, particularly the order preparation stage, which is essential.   Discover our article on the optimisation of order preparation.   However,…
myFulfillment order preparation optimizing

Optimising order preparation with myFulfillment

Order preparation is an essential activity when you sell in e-commerce. You have one or more warehouses, you have to manage a certain number of orders per day but you waste too much time preparing them? At Boostmyshop, we have developed myFulfillment,…
Dropshipping selling guide

A beginner’s guide for dropshipping

Who has never heard of dropshipping? Popularly used on marketplaces for many years such as Amazon, Rueducommerce, or Ebay, it's a term massively used in the e-commerce sphere. Are you planning to launch your dropshipping activity but not sure…