Boostmyshop and Sendcloud: Making your e-commerce shipping easier together

Boostmyshop and Sendcloud_ Making your ecommerce shipping easier together

Easy is the buzzword. Now follow through. We make warehouse management easy, They make shipping across the world easy and to make e-commercing easy, we partnered easy. That’s the short version of the Boostmyshop partnering with Sendcloud. Read through to know how it helps you..!!

Managing your warehouse and shipping your logistics smartly is now one click away

What is the outcome of the combination of Boostmyshop myFulfillment and Sendcloud?
Easy preparation of your orders and an excellent shipping experience to your customers in one click!

Boostmyshop myFulfillment: Order management made easy

myFulfillment helps you to receive orders from all your sales channels in a single interface. You can then process them quickly with barcode scanning and ensure that no errors are made with automatic content quality control.

Sendcloud: Shipping made cost effective and easy

Once your orders are ready, Sendcloud automatically assigns a carrier to each order according to rules you’ve set and prints the shipping label. With Sendcloud, you benefit from preferential shipping rates with over 80 carriers. All your favorite carriers are available: Fedex, DHL, DPD, Instabox, UPS, Chronopost, Collisimo etc.

Boostmyshop myFulfillment: 

myFulfillment is a SaaS solution developed by Boostmyshop for a hassle free

  • Inventory management –  Manage stock level in multiple warehouse from a single platform

  • Order Preparation – Manage online orders preparation steps efficiently

  • Procurement – Never be out of stock. Easily manage purchase orders to reception.

  • Drop shipping – Automate drop shipping from one eventful dashboard

With Boostmyshop myFulfillment most of your daily tasks can be automated and your productivity can be enhanced. On average, new myFulfillment users increase their productivity by 50%!


Discover the simple way to shipping using the solution created by Sendcloud.

  • You can combine delivery options from the best carriers

  • Create a workflow that suits your team’s picking and packing preferences

  • Keep customers in the loop with automated, branded tracking notifications

Send Cloud is trusted by 23,000+ happy customers worldwide.


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