Optimising order preparation with myFulfillment

Optimising order preparation with myFulfillment

Order preparation is an essential activity when you sell in e-commerce. You have one or more warehouses, you have to manage a certain number of orders per day but you waste too much time preparing them? At Boostmyshop, we have developed myFulfillment, the tool that allows you to manage your e-commerce logistics from a single interface that is accessible in a SaaS. In our article on dropshipping, we explained the benefits of myFulfillment for using this sales method. Today we are going to show you how effective it is in optimising the preparation of your orders.

With myFulfillment, your orders are prepared in 4 steps: selection of the orders to be prepared, collection of the articles (picking), preparation (packing) and dispatch (shipping). Here’s a more detailed description of each step.

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First step: select all the orders you wish to prepare for dispatch

From the myFulfillment order picking screen, you will find all the orders that need to be shipped, split according to the availability status of the products they contain:

  • In stock: all the products in the order are in stock, the order can be prepared.
  • Partial: some of the products included in the order are currently out of stock.
  • Out of stock: all the products included in the order are currently out of stock.
  • Blocked : Orders have been put on hold for a specific reason (unbilled order, customer request…).


When you are in the tab in stock, click on “preparation” to add one or more orders to the tab being prepared.

If you wish to ship an order with a missing product, it is still possible for you, it will be a partial shipment. All you have to do is add this order to the orders being prepared manually so that only the products in stock can be prepared and dispatched. Moreover, as soon as the missing products are received, the partial orders are automatically reassigned to the orders in the stock tab.

Second step: collecting items or picking

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Picking list myFulfillment

Picking consists of collecting in your warehouse the products that make up the orders that you have selected in the first stage. From the order preparation screen, you can print out your picking list which will be made up of two parts :

  •  A list that summarises all the products you need to prepare the selected orders and their location in the warehouse in an optimised manner.
  • A dedicated preparation sheet for each order with the main information and details of the products.

In this way, the route is optimised for the order picker.

Third step: packing your orders

Once your items have been collected from your warehouse, it is now time to prepare the orders.

You can scan the barcode in the top right-hand corner of the picking list for each order or you can manually select the order via the drop-down menu. You then simply need to validate the presence of each product ordered in the package to be shipped by scanning the barcodes using the barcode scanner, or manually to confirm that they are in the order by indicating the quantity as well as the weight.

Once your order is complete, you can validate the packing, print your shipping label and stick it on your parcel. A PDF document can then be downloaded and contains the invoice and delivery note for all orders.

Fourth and last step: the dispatch of your orders, known as shipping

This step allows you to export your order information to your shipping carrier (TNT, UPS, Chronopost, etc.) and then import a tracking file that will fill in the tracking number returned by the carriers. It will let you notify the order shipment progress to the customer.

Once the order preparation has been completed, the order will be considered dispatched. A button will then be used to flush shipped orders from the orders being prepared, so that a new batch of orders can be prepared.

myFulfillment available on mobile phones

Our myFulfillment application, 100% compatible with Android devices, is designed to make your life easier. It allows you to manage your warehouse tasks directly from your mobile phone:

  • Manage your stocks
  • Prepare and ship your orders
  • Receive your supplier orders
  • Simplify your inventories
  • Save time and flexibility

Paperless at the heart of our development at Boostmyshop

Every year, more than 300 million tonnes of paper are produced worldwide. At Boostmyshop we care about this, which is why our mobile application myFulfillment enables paperless order picking by making your picking list available directly in the app.

As a real milestone in online sales, order picking is not to be neglected. By optimising this task with myFulfillment, you will gain in productivity, improve your services and thus enhance your brand image.

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Your one-stop solution to manage order, inventory and purchase orders.

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